Get Help With the Enforcement of Security Interests

Get Help With the Enforcement of Security Interests

Mr. Allen can help you recover collateral in Greenville, SC

Are you battling with a client who has failed to meet the terms of your agreement? If you're finding it difficult to collect late payments, you might need to enforce your client's security interest. This could mean repossessing equipment or foreclosing on a home. Every situation is different-a debt collection attorney can help you understand the terms and make sure that you're following the letter of the law.

Craig H. Allen, P.A. assists with the enforcement of security interests for creditors in the Greenville, SC region. Contact his office today to learn more.

What are security interests?

When entering into an agreement with a debtor, you can establish collateral that will give you recourse to the property if they default on their payments. This collateral is also called a security interest. One of the most common examples of a security interest is a mortgage. If your debtor defaults on their payments and neglects to meet the terms of their agreement, you can repossess or foreclose on the property involved in the exchange.

In other words, if your client fails to pay, you have rights in the collateral. When this happens, you need a qualified attorney who knows how to handle enforcement of security interests. Count on Craig H. Allen, P.A. in Greenville, SC. Mr. Allen will represent you during the course of this process.